Research and Development Assistant

Research & Development Assistant (Brea)
85 C Bakery Cafe is seeking a R&D Assistant for our production facility in Brea, California. R&D Assistant serves a broad range of functions, including but not limited to developing new products, conducting sensory testing, and organizing other forms of product evaluation.
‚EURĘ Assist head chef lead and manage all aspects of new and existing product development. This will include: formulations, labeling, specifications and regulatory compliance;
‚EURĘ Entry Level qualifications accepted
‚EURĘ Evaluate formulations to ensure the highest quality is attained and cost reduction is achieved;
‚EURĘ Establish a structured best practices approach for development from concept to consumer testing to final production;
‚EURĘ Collaborate closely with sales/marketing, manufacturing, finance and other cross functional entities in order to successfully launch and manage the implementation of new products;
‚EURĘ Conduct robust sampling within team and use output to refine recipes/products;
‚EURĘ Build, train and motivate a retail operation committed to timely new product introductions within budget with the highest standards of quality;
‚EURĘ Additional duties as assigned.
‚EURĘ Strong problem solving and analytical skills;
‚EURĘ Excellent communication skills required for internal meetings and customer presentations;
‚EURĘ Proficient with Microsoft Office, specifically Word and Excel;
‚EURĘ Ability to work with tight deadline and meet new and changing demands;
‚EURĘ Good attendance and available to work overtime when needed;
‚EURĘ Maintain confidentiality of work related information and materials;
‚EURĘ Proficiency in oral and written Chinese/Mandarin is a MUST;
‚EURĘ Proven experience resulting in developing new products and improvements to existing products, from concept to store sales to quality control.

Don't Be Fooled

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